Married Woman Exposes Ghanaian Slay Queen For Snatching Her Husband

Married woman has exposed Tema based Slay Queen for snatching her husband away from her.

Slaying has also become a job some people around the world has engaged themselves into and it sometimes goes wrong.

In this hard times where couple are quarantining themselves in their houses other ladies are also enjoying with their follows women’s husbands.

A social media user and a wife identified as Naa Okaiko posted a picture of a popular Tema slay queen raining insults at her for snatching her husband while others are enjoying with their husbands in this lockdown era.

Angry Naa Okaikor in the Facebook post wrote; “Dirty hoez husband snatcher God will punish you and that bastard wherever you are…you thought you can ruin someone happiness to satisfy your stupid desires ….we ain’t gonna let you freely until you come out the truth or else i personally will hold you down stupid girl expanded hole like you”.



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