Oprah Winfrey’s Daughter Gets Funny Haircut At-Home (PHOTOS)

Oprah Winfrey’s daughter Thando Dlomo got her haircut at home due to the lockdown in their country.

The 23-year-old damsel usually gets her haircut by Mom O’s partner Stedman in rare Instagram appearance.

This time around the multimedia journalist was overwhelmingly anxious over the outcome of her haircut as Stedman began to clip her hair

Oprah was enjoying the process while Thando continued looking anxious to see the final makeover. “Uncle Sted, this is a defining moment…Get me fine, get me cute,” she adds while telling Stedman to not cut too high. After, the journalist gave a shout out to Stedman and Oprah on her social media with a well-done haircut,

“I’m still good! 😋😂 Uncle Sted committed to cutting me again in two weeks today. On the next episode of Sted’s Steady Hands.” 

Despite the fact Thando was not too impressed with the haircut, she is giving Stedman another opportunity as her personal hairstylist during social isolation. 

“DEEP DOWN I KNEW NOTHING! Deep down I was shaking in my boots! 😭” she says in response to one of her fans’ comments.

“Y’all, the haircut won’t fade away in a day! I’m still fine and cute. Check in a week or two”, the young journalist mentions on her post. It seems like her real barber is not so happy with her decision.

“Jonathon. I cut my hair. There will be so much fixing to be done…I cut it. They helped me cut it. But it’s not too bad, but it’s a little bad” she texted him.


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