15 ways to know the size of a girl’s va-jay through her facial looks – The thicker the lips the more

Every woman’s lips and eyes reveal the size of her ve-jay-jay. Did you know that you can actually get an approximate idea about the size and shape of a woman’s ve-jay-jay based on her facial features? Believe it or not, Taoist Matchmakers in China were known for pairing couples together based on how well their genitals fit together, and they used the facial features of each person to make that determination. Pretty cool huh?

Each feature on the face correlates to a different characteristic of the ve-jay-jay, and you may be surprised to find out what the eyes, lips, nose and cheek bones of a woman reveal! It is important for the PENIS to fit perfectly within the ve-jay-jay for maximum comfort and pleasure, so take a look at these clues.

In Taoist matchmaking tradition:

1. If a woman has a small mouth and short fingers she will have a small, short ve-jay-jay.

2. If she has big, thick lips, her veE-jay-jay is will be wide and thick.

3. If she has deep set eyes her veE-jay-jay will be deep.

4. A woman with ‘skinny’ eyelids will have a deep veE-jay-jay.

5. A woman with thick fleshy eyelids will have a short veE-jay-jay.

6. A Woman with bulging eyes, will have a very short veE-jay-jay

7. A woman who is nearsighted will have a deep veE-jay-jay. The more near sighted she is the deeper the veE-jay-jay.

8. A woman with big watery eyes, will have a big watery VeE-jay-jay. Again, the bigger the eyes, the bigger the veE-jay-jay.

9. A woman with a wide mouth and thin lips will have a narrow and deep veE-jay-jay.

10. Puckered, protruding lips or protruding bone structure indicate an elastic veE-jay-jay. It could be big or small, but it will be very wet, warm, and soft. It also vibrates and trembles and is often referred to as a ‘talking veE-jay-jay.’

11. A woman who is tough and emotionless will have a hard, dry veE-jay-jay.

12. A woman with narrow cheeks and jaws will have a small, crooked ve-jay-jay. If it is only slightly curved this is not a problem. However, if the curve is significant, she will need a long narrowS.

13. If a woman has a narrow forehead and flat nose, she will have a short, wide ve-jay-jay.

14. If she has protruding cheek bones, she will have a very deep ve-jay-jay and a strong s8Xual desire.

15. If a woman has a dimple, she has a very short ve-jay-jay.

There are factors that can create variations of these qualities, but these features allude to natural tendencies when it comes to the qualities of a woman’s ve-jay-jay.

Test these theories out on your partner for fun and see if you can guess the shape, depth and texture of her ve-jay-jay by examining her facial features! It will be a fun way to deepen your fantasies about what’s between her legs.


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