I’m a correct Runs girl, as far as you pay me well, I’ll travel anywhere to satisfy you – Slay queen shows body

A Nigerian Slay queen like they are popularly called, took to Twitter hours ago to address her followers and impending customers. She, without any fear of criticism, described herself as a runs girl who is willing to get paid for services as far as her client/customer is ready to foot her bills.

She yook to the Social Media platform and shared a picture which didn’t show a face but did show a beautiful looking body. This was done so as to lure male fans. Her tweet has garnered a lot of retweets and comments already – I guess her plan worked.Sharing a picture of her body on Twitter, she wrote;

“I am a real runs girl, I can travel anywhere as long as you can pay book my flight and pay well for your satisfaction!!! Please kindly Retweet my customer might be on your TL…!.”
Slay queen’s body


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