Nigerian guy recounts what happened after he sold his laptop to take a girl out on Valentine’s Day

A Nigerian man has given a recount of what he did out of love and how, in retrospect, he now regrets it, after the way it all turned out.

Twitter user, @Mrfab_ shared that he sold his laptop in order to impress a girl on Valentine’s Day, however there was a twist of fate as the result wasn’t what he’d planned.

He shared his ordeal when Warri-based rapper, Erigga asked people to share something they did out of love but now regret. Erigga said,

“Waytin love don make you do when dey vex you now as you remember?”

Then @Mrfab_ revealed that after selling his laptop to take her out on the lovers’ day, she still turned down his advances.

In other words, bad market 😪


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