Tyson Fury’s dad, John Fury, says he doesn’t value his life and is willing to die in fight with Mike Tyson during foul mouthed rant

 Tyson Fury

John Fury, a former heavyweight boxer and dad to heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, has called out legendary heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson during a foul-mouthed rant – saying he’ll be willing to fight Mike Tyson and claimed he is willing to die in the ring.

 Tyson Fury
Former undisputed heavyweight world champion, Mike Tyson, 53, announced recently that he plans to return to boxing in four-round exhibition bouts to generate money for Charity and John Fury has now joined the long list of fighters willing to fight with Mike..

 Tyson Fury
John Fury, 55, posted a video on social media with a message for Mick Theo, a bodybuilder whom Fury has agreed to fight, blasting Theoa and then shifted his blasts to Mike Tyson.

“Forget you bum [Theo], I’m looking at Mike Tyson,” he said. “Mike’s making a comeback; I don’t value my life at 50p but let me tell you something, Mike Tyson is worth doing charity with.

“He’s a proper king of a champion, a proper man tried and tested, not some doorman who I used to practice on as a 14-year-old boy. If I didn’t knock out four or five a night when I was 15 I was disappointed.

“I’ll fight Mike Tyson, he’s making a comeback. I know he mentions my boy’s name every five minutes, but here I am, John Fury is hiding from no man, not even the king of the old men Mike Tyson.

“I will fight Mike Tyson; I will not be denied, I will die in a fight.”

Last week, Tyson showed the world he still got his power and speed when a video emerged of him working out in the gym.

Tyson has reportedly been offered a staggering $20million (£16m) to have a fight with the brutal Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promotion, while a charity comeback against rugby legend Sonny Bill Williams in Australia is in the works.


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