Kylie Jenner tries the Don’t Touch challenge with her daughter Stormi Webster (video)

Kylie Jenner tries the Don

The new “Don’t Touch” challenge, which is a social experiment to teach kids about delayed gratification, is one most parents have taken part in.

22-year-old self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner decided to get in on the challenge with her daughter Stormi.

The challenge sees parents place a bowl containing something their child likes in front of the child. The child is then instructed not to touch the content of the bowl until mummy goes out and comes back in.

Some children get tired of waiting and begin eating the content of the bowl. Some get tempted to disobey their parent but change their mind. However, there are those kids who obey the instruction not to touch the content of the bowl until their parent returns.

Kylie tried it with her daughter, Stormi Webster and shared a video with the caption: “OMG my babyyy. I had to take part in this challenge.”

Kylie Jenner tries the Don

In the video, Stormi seems tempted to start eating the chocolates before her mum’s return. At some point, she goes close to the bowl, then holds herself back and begins chanting, “patience, patience” multiple times.

Watch the video below.


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