VIDEO: Group of white people kneel and beg black people for forgiveness

The ongoing protests in the United states fueled by the killing of unarmed George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and 3 other former officers has produced many unusual outcomes.

It has brought many freedom Fighters out fighting what has been termed a system of oppression of black people and police brutality that has gone on for far too long in the United States.

A video, uploaded by socialite Efia Odo shows a group of white people on their knees under a heavy downpour of rain praying for forgiveness from a group of black people standing in front of them.

The leader of the group prayed to God, saying they’re asking the African Americans to forgive them for the years of racism that they have been subjected to by their kin.

Nsemwoha cannot independently verify where or when the video was taken.

Meanwhile protests are still going on in various cities around the United states and even in London where protests have been held in support of the protests in the United States.

Watch the video below


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