Emmanuel Petit: Senegal used Marabouts to defeat France in the world cup 2002

Emmanuel Petit: “A year before the Senegal-France match in 2002, a Senegalese told me …”
Quarter-finalist of the World Cup in 2002, Senegal began its exceptional course against France. Small thumbs up, however, Senegal will beat the Blues (1-0) in the opening match. For Emmanuel Petit, a holder that day, the French players were victims of witchcraft.
“The marabouts have contributed (bursts of laughter). I’ll tell you an anecdote: a year before the world cup in Korea, I’m on a beach in France. I see a street vendor who comes to see me and whom I knew. He looks at me seriously and says to me: ‘you know the world cup which is played in a year, France will play Senegal and will lose by a goal to zero because our marabouts are very powerful in Senegal. You’ll see’. It came to my mind and I thought maybe France has been marabouts, “he said in an interview with Record.
To support his remarks, Petit reminds that France has missed many opportunities against the Senegalese. “We were very unlucky in this match. We hit the posts and the crossbar several times. Only that goal was missing, ”he adds.


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