Gerrard Pique: ” When I visited Manchester united in 2018 I saw Lionel Messi Photograph in their Academy changing Room.

Gerrard Pique: ” When I visited Manchester united in 2018 I saw Lionel Messi Photograph in their Academy changing Room. When I ask why. They say it is to encourage the young lads to never give up because Lionel Messi’s story in football is incredible to motivate these young stars who have different challenges from different backgrounds. I was shocked to see Messi in the walls of Manchester united. He is not just a talented man but a studied testimony. Some people admire him in secret places. His photograph is still hanging in their walls to give strength to Manchester united upcoming Stars. And that is not a bad thing to use him as an idol to encourage everyone who wants to play football although he never played for them “


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