John Cena donates $1m to Black Lives Matter after saying that change is ‘never easy’ amid widespread protests following the police killing of George Floyd

John Cena has donated $1 million donation to Black Lives Matter.

The 43-year-old pro wrestler/actor, with the seven-figure total, matched the BTS for a movement called #MatchAMillion.

The West Newbury, Massachusetts native tweeted: ‘Very happy to join #BTSARMY in efforts to match BTS’ tremendous donation #ARMYMatch1M.’

In a subsequent tweet Cena – who’s one of Hollywood’s most charitable celebs with both his time and money – credited the K-Pop musical outfit and their fans for channeling their efforts toward the critical social cause aimed against eliminating racism and police brutality.

Cena took to social media Tuesday with a statement on the issues, and the growing pains that are inevitable en route to a societal sea change.

‘Change is never easy because it takes us admitting that our efforts and methods may be flawed to a point of severe distortion,’ said the WWE superstar-turned-Hollywood action hero. ‘Be brave and open-minded in these moments. Welcome ideas and limit excuses. Change is uncomfortable but can yield much more joy for all in the long run.’

Cena’s philanthropic effort – he’s been a prolific presence for the Make-A-Wish Foundation – was lauded by fans, as one Twitter user wrote, ‘John cena said “you can’t see me” but sir… i saw that you opened your purse and donated a cool million dollars to black lives matter YESSIRRR.’

Another wrote, ‘John Cena is what Hulk Hogan pretended to be his whole career’ five years after a racist rant from Hogan publicly surfaced.

Black Lives Matter was initially established in 2013 following the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin and has been essential in the international spate of demonstrations following the police killing of George Floyd May 25 in Minneapolis.

Cena was also linked to a $40,000 donation made to a crowdfunding effort for the family of the late Shad Gaspard, TMZ reported last month. The account of the anonymous donation was ‘CTC RIP,’ which many linked to Cryme Tyme Cenation, a 2008 team of Cena and Cryme Tyme’s Gaspard and JTG (Jayson Anthony Paul).

Gaspard tragically perished in April in Venice Beach, California while trying to save his son from drowning.


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