Samuel Eto’o and the three thieves : A gang of fraudsters faking Eto’o’s identity arrested.

Three young men between the ages of 29 and 35, allegedly involved in dubious activities using the identity of Cameroon football legend Samuel Eto’o have been arrested on Monday, June 15, 2020 in Fomban-West Region of Cameroon, kick442 gathered through reports from senior journalist Martin Camus Mimb.

Their arrest is part of the process of tracking persons who mask their identity and fake as Samuel Eto’o on various social media platforms to swindle money from the public.

Police sources say there have been multiple complaints about these fraudsters or their allies, all involved in a similar activity through the use of Eto’o’s identity.
This reporter has recieved a number of such requests from persons who claim to be Samuel Eto’o, and keen on funding projects. In the process of these conversations (usually with non-Cameroon watssap line) they will ask for money to pay charges before they disburse the huge amount of money destined for the non-existent project.

Reports say the three men have been whisked to the Judicial Police in Bonanjo-Douala pending further investigation and details from their numerous victims.

ANAFOOT’s General Manager Enow Ngachu among other top officials in Cameroon has previously cautioned the public about similar fraudsters attempting to use their identity to defraud others.


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