Four Weeks To My Wedding I Discovered My Fiancee’s Father Was The One Who Killed My Father – Man Reveals

A man has shared a long and heartbreaking story of how he discovered the truth about how his father died and who was responsible.

The man who withheld his name took to social media to narrate the story revealed that he only found out that the man who killed his father in 1995 is the father of his fiancée who he is about to marry in four weeks time.

According to his narration reported by Naijapledge, his fiancée’s father who is a policeman shot his father just because he refused to pay him bribe.

“Is this a dream? Will I ever wake up? Somebody should please tell me I will get over this; life can really be cruel; how will I explain this?

I grew up without knowing my father. According to what I was told, he died when I was about six years old. I was also told that he was a first class graduate of accounting and worked in one of the first generation banks.

Himself and my mother decided to relocate to the United States after they won a US visa lottery. They sold everything they had, resigned from their jobs and planned to travel on a Friday morning in April 1996.

My Father, as I was told, had to drop a bag with his cousin somewhere in Lagos island a day before the planned trip to the US.

On his way back from his cousin’s, some policemen accosted him at Jibowu in Lagos and demanded a bribe which he refused blatantly.

Unfortunately, in anger, one of the policemen forcefully dragged him out of his car and shot him point blank. He died on the spot; just a day before his journey to the US.

I was told that a mob tried to attack the policeman that killed my father but other policemen rescued him. Their patrol vehicle wasn’t spared as it was put in flames by the angry mob.

The policeman, Effiong, was arrested and charged in court. The murder case dragged for a long time until the accused died in custody. His death certificate was tendered and the case was closed.

Fast forward to 2013, I met a lovely lady on campus and we started a relationship. I loved her with all my heart. She was very beautiful, faithful and dutiful; I loved her crazily as she was my first and only love.

When she told me her father was a retired policeman, I laughed and joked about my dislike for policemen due to the fact that they killed my father. However, she assured that I would like her father when I met him. I later met her father and he welcomed me warmly.

We picked a date in February for our wedding while our wedding introduction was held two weekends ago.

During the introduction ceremony in the family compound of my fiancee in Lagos, her father who is now based in his village was unavailable. We were told he was very sick. I noticed that my uncle had an old picture of a policeman hanged on the wall which I noticed himself, my mother and our family lawyer discuss. I didn’t know what they were discussing actually.

Yesterday, they summoned me, my fi ancee and her mum for an urgent meeting; an agenda that I was not privy to. I was shocked to see all my uncles, aunties and elderly people gathered in our house as early as 12 noon on Sunday. My fiancee and her mother came in around 2 pm and the meeting began.

In the meeting, they showed the old picture to my fiancée’s mother who confirmed that the man in the picture was her husband. They then mentioned his full names, Effiong (permit me not to put other names).

While I watched what was happening, our lawyer brought out old court papers, old pictures, newspaper cuttings and some other documents as my family members narrated a story. They revealed that my fiancee’s father was the one who killed my Father. They also disclosed how the court case was quashed after the court was told a lie that he was dead.

After narrating the story, they informed my fiancee and her mother that they were cancelling the wedding because they could not imagine their daughter-in-law to be a child of a murderer, the killer of my father.

They said unless he faced justice, he would be under a curse of blood and they would never allow their son to be a part of that.

The lawyer then promised to take the case up again in the right quarters to make sure the old man faced justice and got what he deserved.

It was a crying galore. My Mother cried herself out as she remembered everything that happened. My fiancée and her mum where also inconsolable. As for me? I don’t know what to do. I can’t just put myself together to cry, I have not slept since yesterday. I am confused and angry with everybody, I can’t just think right, I need help urgently!

I called my office today to request for some days off. I can’t trust myself on the road. This is the reason I am sending this mail to you guys at dailyfamily.ng, to please post my story anonymously. Maybe I will get the right counsel through your platform.

It’s my life. I need help so urgently. What should I do now? I have suddenly developed a hatred for my fiancée’s father not just for killing my father but for evading justice fraudulently. But I still love his daughter, Joyce, I can’t imagine my life without her. I don’t know, I don’t know.

A murderous hatred is mixing up with angelic love in my heart. Why did the devil give birth to my own angel? I feel like running away. My family has placed a curse on me if I try to marry Joyce. I know they mean well, but do they? I am confused, somebody please help me.

Joyce has been calling and begging me for a sin she knows nothing about since yesterday. We weep together, that is the only thing we can do for now. She told me her mother knew the whole story to be true but never knew it was my Father. Can you see nemesis?


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