7 Awful Dating Habits that Are Keeping You Single

1.  You think you’re not good enough. 

Confidence is key when trying to score a mate, so be sure to exude it from every pore. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the sexiest, if you’re not the funniest, if you’re not the smartest, or if you’re not the best-looking person in the room. All that counts is how confident you are about how you look and feel. It will shine through, and you will be the flame that all the moths are drawn to. 

2.  You think you don’t deserve a relationship

You’ll be surprised at how superstitious some people can be. I have a friend who blames karma for being single. She thinks she doesn’t deserve a good relationship because she treated her last boyfriend like dirt. Hence, the universe is retaliating by keeping her single as punishment. 

3.  You think you’re not ready.

You need to stop telling yourself that you’re not ready for a relationship. By constantly telling yourself that, you’re just messing with your mind and turning that nonsensical thought into reality. I will be the first to admit that digging yourself out of the darkness after a hard breakup is very difficult. However, you must relearn how to put yourself out there, and leave the past behind. 

4.  You’re obsessed with timing.

I personally think that people who use “timing” as an excuse for not getting into a relationship are kidding themselves. There’s no such thing as “the right time.” There are some exceptions, of course, and they include still being married, being bankrupt, or dealing with mental issues. Anything other than those signifies cowardice.

5. You’re a gossip monger. 

No one wants to date someone with a big mouth and bad attitude, so be sure to vanquish that habit today. Keep your life and the lives of those around you drama-free, and you’ll find that potential partners will be more eager to date you.

6.  You’re too picky. 

Stop finding fault with everything and everyone. Being a high maintenance diva is not a good look on you or on anyone else, for that matter. If you’re picky, you’re going to drive some real gems away. Finding fault in everything and everyone will only work against you. For example, if you complain about how he dresses or what she does for a living, you can rest assured that you’ll be single for a long time. No one will be good enough for you if you don’t let the little things go.

7.  You don’t know what you want

Life is for the living, and there’s no point in wasting it by blindly making your way through life. Set clear goals for yourself, and figure out what you want. Do you want to be with someone who wants to live a nomadic life of travel and adventure? Do you want to settle down with someone who wants a family? Are you keen on dating someone who’s fine with an open relationship? Do you only want a “fun buddy?” Sort out what you want, and the rest will come easy.


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