Dozens of Trump’s Secret Service agents who were at his rally ordered to self-quarantine after two are infected with Coronavirus

Dozens of Trump

Two secret service agents have tested positive for Coronavirus after attending a planning meeting with other agents who worked at Trump’s Tulsa Rally that held on Saturday.

Dozens of Secret Service officers and agents who were in Tulsa, Oklahoma,  for President Donald Trump’s rally have now been told to self-quarantine on their return. 

Dozens of Trump

According to reports, the two Secret Service agents who tested positive did not attend the rally but had been at the meeting with other agents and those agents continued to work at the rally even though they may have been exposed. 

“No COVID-positive staffers or anyone in immediate contact will be at today’s rally or near attendees and elected officials,’ campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh had claimed Saturday.

Yet, the Secret Service warned all employees who worked in Tulsa to isolate after they returned from the weekend trip.

The Secret Service’s field office in Tulsa has reportedly established testing for local staffers to determine if they had contracted coronavirus while working on the rally. 

According to CNN, an email was sent out to agents on Wednesday telling them they must now be tested 24 to 48 hours before a presidential trip.

‘We want to make sure that we have a healthy workforce and that we are protecting our people,’ an official told CNN. ‘This is good common sense.’


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